Lip Embroidery

With Chrysalis Lip embroidery enhancement, you can obtain that rosy looking lips that you have always dreamed of with just a short and simple procedure. This treatment not only enhances your overall looks but is also highly recommended to those that have darker lips due to smoking or even uneven lip shape. Wake up to that beautiful shade of pink on your lips everyday and save the hassle of putting on lipstick daily and for those who don’t have much of a make up skills, your worry is over.

Similar to eyebrow embroidery the treatment is semi permanent and the effect can last you for years. Our staff will guide you through the process and during the consultation, we will shape and choose the colours that suits you the most. This is done to provide you with the best service and satisfaction after the treatment is over.

From our gallery slides, you can look through and have a better idea on how the steps are done.

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