Who should go for the treatment?

  • Loss of brow hair due to over plucking
  • Light brow hair
  • Want a gorgeous shape brows
  • Save the hassle of drawing your brows every morning
  • Scars that hinders the growth of brows

Is the process painful?

There is no pain due to our quality numbing creams. For some, they might feel some discomfort to a minimal extend.

Is it safe?

The process is safe as it is only an external procedure that don’t penetrate deep into our skin.


Is there any side effects?

There is no side effects, unless there is the exception of any skin medical history or allergies.

How long can they last?

Our treatments are also used with the latest technology for the treatment to last within 1-3 years.

Will they look natural?

All treatment are handled by our certified specialist with care, that gives you not only natural looking brows, but brows that will bring out the best of your facial features.

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