3D Eyebrow embroidery

For full beautiful eyebrows every minute of the day, there is no better procedure than Chrysalis 3D eyebrow embroidery. Following the trend of the Korean make up look, this treatment enhances your facial features. Using micro blading procedure and with the latest equipment used, marks are created to create that 3D effect on the skin that looks like your natural brows color. It is also a semi-permanent make up technique that is safe and painless and our high quality colours could last you one to two years. It requires no downtime and there is no bleeding and you can see the results immediately after.

Our dedicated staff will assists you by creating that gorgeous brow shape by embroidering it stroke by stroke creating that arch that suits you best. All you need to do is relax while doing the procedure with us and it  will be done within the expected time. When its done, you are ready to impress and see the new confidence you!

For clearer understanding on the procedure, the steps are shown on our picture gallery.You could also book an appointment with us now so that our friendly staff can assist you better. See you soon.

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